Tunneling pick block systems

For the reliable application on KRUMMENAUER cutting heads and cutting drums for all available road headers and Continuous Miners.

Pick block Shank diameter Bushing Water spray system
R11.30 UN 30mm shrinked-in dry
R11.30/38 UN stepped shank 30/38mm shrinked-in dry
R12.30 UN 30mm shrinked-in dry
R12.30/38 UN stepped shank 30/38mm shrinked-in dry
R12.38 UN 38mm shrinked-in dry
R19.38 EB 38mm shrinked-in EB-system
R65.30 EB 30mm shrinked-in EB-system
R65.32 EB 32mm shrinked-in EB-system
R65.30/38 EB stepped shank 30/38mm shrinked-in EB-system

Other combinations of bushing constuctions, picks and water spray systems are optionally available. Please contact us for your individual questions.

R11: R11R11
R12: R12R12
R19: R19R19
R65: R65R65